Founder Britt Wallach created Daphne Wilde so women could look as stylish "off-duty" as "on"- effortlessly and without sacrificing comfort. Feel at home wherever you are.

Britt loves being at home. She works at home. She relaxes at home. But she wasn’t feeling great about how she looked at home. With "It’s what you do most of the time that matters" in mind, Britt set out to create a new dressing routine for her everyday life.

Britt was initially inspired by the idea of sprezzatura- the great Italian word that translates to "effortless ease." For her that meant an everyday, seasonless garment that was chic and luxurious but colorful. She has always found that when she’s in color she can’t "call it in"- that brightness keeps her more present.

Ironically, Britt launched Daphne Wilde and “The New Housedress” just before COVID-19 hit. With so much in flux and people spending more time at home than ever, she believes it’s essential to take control of what you can and do everything possible to feel good at home.

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